Saturday, February 23, 2013


Though my fleets of the skies have not taken to the air in some time I have kept myself busy with other pursuits.  Namely one of my oldest and favorite hobbies Gundam model building.

 Above is federation squad of 2 cold climate GM-C's and a ground combat Gundam
 This is my main Zeon squad of a Zaku II F-2, Zaku I and a Zaku II C.  All painted a matching green.
 The fierce Commander in a modified Gouf A  armed with a bazooka modified from a Gouf B-1.  This unit sports a more unique tiger stripe camo.
Last is a zaku I sniper variation.  This was the first unit I added to my collection, so I had not yet decided to add the green color pattern like his partners.  Also my favorite model with its sniper rifle and knee mount.


Paul of the Man Cave said...

Very nice, but I do prefer your flying machines dear chap!

Smith said...

And thank you my good sir! I have a few more sets of plans rolled out on my work bench and hope to tend to them as soon as I can dig up some more bits.