Saturday, February 23, 2013


Though my fleets of the skies have not taken to the air in some time I have kept myself busy with other pursuits.  Namely one of my oldest and favorite hobbies Gundam model building.

 Above is federation squad of 2 cold climate GM-C's and a ground combat Gundam
 This is my main Zeon squad of a Zaku II F-2, Zaku I and a Zaku II C.  All painted a matching green.
 The fierce Commander in a modified Gouf A  armed with a bazooka modified from a Gouf B-1.  This unit sports a more unique tiger stripe camo.
Last is a zaku I sniper variation.  This was the first unit I added to my collection, so I had not yet decided to add the green color pattern like his partners.  Also my favorite model with its sniper rifle and knee mount.