Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Fleet sets sail

The Danish Fleet commenced practice maneuvers over the North Sea earlier this week. A photograph caught one squad of ships as they left port. Fleet command has since commented that the practice maneuvers went off with no major mishappenings. The maneuvers were ended a day early due to bad weather conditions. Belgian and Luxembourg ships did not participate due to increased activity along their borders. Fleet command commented that they are ready to respond in aid of our allies at a moments notice.

Friday, May 2, 2008

Full Force German Baltic Fleet

Here is the Full German Baltic Fleet. Consisting of eight cruisers, a seaplane tender with four seaplanes, two monitors and, three gunboats.
The digs are Revell Hindenburg models the nefs are made from balsa wood.

Full Fleet

Here is the Full Danish fleet consisting of two battle ships, three crusers, three destroyres, and four frigates. The nefs were constrocted out of stacked layers of plastic card and the digs were made from spare bombs and drob tanks off of an old airplane model.

Full Defence

Here are the Danish defensive forces. A flying fortress a flying gun battery and a seaplane scout carried aboard the fortress. the fort was constructed from spare GW bases and CD's, and the battery was also countructed from a pair of spare GW bases. The plane was made of plastic card and toothpicks.

The Black Fleet

Here is the full Belgian fleet. I love the stylistic design of this fleet. It really fits the Aeronef world. By the way this fleet was constructed from Pencils. It consists of two battleships, three cruisers, and six destroyers.

Full Force

I realized that most of my fleet photos were outdated and missing ships, so I decided to up date the collection. Here is the full Luxembourg fleet, it was constructed from Furniture dowels. This fleet consists of three destroyers, three Frigates, and three bombersHumm... Still a bit small, I may need to add to it.

Thursday, May 1, 2008

My best yet!

This is in my opinion my best ship yet. This vessel is a German torpedo cruiser with a fine level of detail and an authentic WWI look.

A squad of German Patrol boats.