Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Belgian Reenforcements

With the tides of war ever rising, the Belgian crown has commissioned two new escort cruisers and two new Branar class armoured cruisers.

Monday, March 17, 2008

Germans Take to the Skies

A German flying Circus deployed to the Rhineland. Unit consists of four bombers, two wings of high speed uni-wing fighters. And one wing of older biplanes reassigned to the Rhine land defence core, after the rest of their unit was shot down over France (sadly these pictures do the planes little justice, the detail is quite stunning).

Sunday, March 16, 2008

New Fleet Commander

After several days of deliberation among the allied national council, lord Amedeo II has been named supreme commander of the allied fleet. Upon hearing this he immediately organized a second practice military maneuver over the North Sea. The practice maneuvers will be held in one weeks time and unlike the previous action will last for two full days and nights. The new admiral has yet to make a public announcement about his recent promotion but is expected to do so later this week.
on a side note lord Amedeo II was renowned in his home land of Belgium for helping to establish the Belgian airborne navy. to this day he is one of its primary advocates and funders. He established the force after his father and older brother were killed by Germans in a border skirmish by a Nef bomber.
Since word or the recent military actions has reached Prussia, the kizer has ordered the newly established Rhineland flotilla to commence border patrols along the Belgin and Luxembourg borders. Aside from these actions no other actions or political statements have been made public.

Saturday, March 15, 2008

Danish Coast Guard

Here is a Danish seaplane/heavy bomber. I still haven't figured out how to fit such a small unit on a flying base.

Thursday, March 13, 2008

Alliance Rallies

Earlier today the skies over Spa Belgium were filled with the majority of the Alliances Aeronef fleet. 7 squads in all, assembled from all three current member nations. Despite the sheer show of force the military practice maneuvers were far less impressive. Early in the day a turn in the weather scattered the Luxembourg ships to the wind, quite literally. It took the remainder of the day for their forces to regroup. The Belgian forces proved just as ineffective when the battle cruiser Leopold and its escort became lost in a cloud bank and narrowly avoided crashing into a mountain top.
Showing a bit more promise the Danish fleet held their formation and completed there practice bombing run. despite this many commanders complained that their crews were uninspired and generally "lethargic". Even worse the captain of the battle cruiser Kiel was rumoured to have taken command of the ship while Stuttering drunk.
Few commanders were willing to comment on the days exercises, with one notable exception. Lord Amedeo II of Belgium, captain of the pocket battleship Charles, and organizer of the event. He simply exclaimed "God himself couldn't save us if the Germans or Austrians were to attack tomorrow. Let us all prey they have more pressing matters to attend to elsewhere."
Thankfully the Germans and Austrians seem to have overlooked all alliance actions so far. If they were observing today surley they would have been infinantly ammused. We can only hope for better results in the future.

Bombers away

Here is a Squad of Luxembourg's new bombers. These long range craft can strike at the German industrial complexes with incredible strength and accuracy.

Here is a detailed view of the Bomber (left) with two gondolas. The forword for observation and the rear as bomb bay. the pursuit ship (right) has one larger armoured gondola.

More Ships for the War Effort

Here is a squad of Luxembourg's highspeed persuit ships. These are used to intercept Bombers and commerc raiders that threaten the home land.

Luxembourg's Contribution to the Alliance

Here is a squad of Luxembourg's new destroyers fresh from the yard.

Tuesday, March 11, 2008

The Pocket battle ship Charles, of Lord Amedeo II of Namur.

Monday, March 10, 2008

A Leopold class battle cruser and two Raguaz class escorts. This brings the total of Belgian ships to six.

Sunday, March 9, 2008

A brand new Belgian Squadrin consisting of a Laf Lupez class battle ship and two Raguaz Class escort Cruisers.

Friday, March 7, 2008

The Commerce raider Martain Luther. The largest and most powerful ship in the fleet.

A screne of Polotsk class heavy destroyers.

The Armored Cruser Olaf escorted by a Kama Class frigate.

One of the fleets two Valdimer Class dig battlecruiser. Escorted by one of the fleets four Kama class Frigates.

The Fleet's flagship The mighty dreadnaught Chcamrof.