Sunday, March 16, 2008

New Fleet Commander

After several days of deliberation among the allied national council, lord Amedeo II has been named supreme commander of the allied fleet. Upon hearing this he immediately organized a second practice military maneuver over the North Sea. The practice maneuvers will be held in one weeks time and unlike the previous action will last for two full days and nights. The new admiral has yet to make a public announcement about his recent promotion but is expected to do so later this week.
on a side note lord Amedeo II was renowned in his home land of Belgium for helping to establish the Belgian airborne navy. to this day he is one of its primary advocates and funders. He established the force after his father and older brother were killed by Germans in a border skirmish by a Nef bomber.
Since word or the recent military actions has reached Prussia, the kizer has ordered the newly established Rhineland flotilla to commence border patrols along the Belgin and Luxembourg borders. Aside from these actions no other actions or political statements have been made public.

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